Saturday, July 12, 2014

Seattle, WA

We started from Seattle Needle, observation tower in downtown, very crowded, but view was worth the waiting.
View from Seattle Needle
Right next to the Needle was Chihuly Garden and Glass exibition.
Chihuly Garden and Glass
Next attraction was Pike Place Market, very impressive, good selection of food and goods as well as some local features, for example, flying fish.
On the way to Pike Market
Pike Place Market
First Starbucks
In the evening I decided to check out local flying site: Tiger Mountain. They have shuttles to launch, but we did not want to wait an hour and went for a hike. 2500 ft (780 m) elevation gain and heavy backup was difficult combination, but I made it.
Tiger Mountain launch
Nice 50 minutes glass off flight with a lot of lift near mountain, my best altitude was around 500 ft over launch, not enough for any XC attempts, especially considering forest on the slopes and city in the valley.
Tiger LZ

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