Saturday, January 10, 2015

Palomar Fly-in

Palomar launch
My first time flying from Palomar. It's around 2:00 hours and 115 miles drive for me. Good large launch, excellent LZ, but XC potential is not very interesting. Site is located in the middle between Horse/Laguna Mt. and Marshall/Crestline and typically way off of east/west convergence line, so there is no point to start XC here unless this site is next to your home. Longest flight in Leonardo 33 miles by Eric Kolberg to Borrero Springs track

Palomar flying along the crest
Fly-in was a great event with many old and new friends. Conditions was weak during afternoon, but improving later in the day. I was able to punch though the inversion and flew with Dmitry few miles east along the crest and then come back. Nice party afterwards.
Palomar LZ
My track: