Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2009 Jonathan Livingston Seagull Cup

Jonathan Livingston Seagull Cup is annual paragliding competition (since 2005) organized by ROSTO, Moscow (similar to US USHPA) and PARAPLAN.RU team. It's open to all ex-USSR citizens regardless of where they live right now, time frame from April until end of September and there is no entry fee. There are 4 type of tasks:
  • Open distance
  • Out and return
  • Open distance via turn point
  • FAI triangle
Winner is a pilot who has minimum sum of places in 3 (out of 4) categories. There is also totalizator for how many kilometers will be flown by all participants. This year 148 pilots from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Canada and USA took part in competition and flown 18820 km (11694 miles). Winner is Maxim Tatarinov from Russia, who placed second in "Out and Return" and "Open distance via turn point" categories and first in "FAI triangle" with total score 5. I took 6th place overall with score 24. Results: There are also
  • XC category - sum of your 4 longest flights where I took 3rd place (428 km)
  • Vendors category - sum of all flights on vendor's wings. AXIS took second place (2112 km) with my contribution of 714 km
Thanks a lot to organizers for excellent competition!