Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New wing. Ozone Mantra 4

I was waiting patiently for few new wings, which supposed to be released this spring, such as Ozone Mantra M5, Niviuk Peak 3, Gradient XC4, Nova Triton 2, but as of now they're still in development and none will be ready for our spring season start. When new model just about to release its also good time to buy the previous model used for cheap price and that's what I did. Spend about an hour in Balboa park groundhandling and then test flew it in Dunlap this weekend.
Its quite a big difference in performance compared to my Axis Venus 2, especially on the speed bar. The only complaint is quite long raisers, which require to hold your hands quite high, brake preassure also a bit higher then on Venus 2, but on another hand speed bar is so easy to push and glide is noticably better. I like the wing so far.