Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tree in Dunlap

Conditions was weak, overcast most of the day, light thermals, typical task to Woodlake. I was trying to catch up with Josh, Eric and Kansas. They choose more direct route to Squaw Valley between Grany and ranger station and it seems working for awhile. When I get closer to ranger station game was over for them. Eric and Josh did not establish on ridge and was going to land on turkey farm, Kansas was landing on ranger station. My only friend was white Advance who struggle with me for awhile but then give up and landed on ranger station. I had enough altitude to go to Bold, so I went there. I hope for lee side thermal, but did not go deep enough and instead though I had enough altitude to go around. Big mistake, I did not found anything but head wind and very limited number of landings. The best option was landing high on mountain side, clear from trees, but it looked quite steep, so I choose small field between trees. Big mistake.
There was wind gradient close to the ground, so I did not quite made my intended LZ, still manage to get down to the ground, but could not steer my wing out of the tree.
Old lady came to check if I'm fine and later found and gave me old saw, which was used last time probably 50 year ago, but my persistence was rewarded and after 2 hours of work I was able to free my wing from tree embrace. Rescue team: Aaron, Kurt and Szilard arrived just in time to help clear lines from branches, thanks a lot. Arun, Jug and Tom flew over my head earlier when I try to explain that I'm not the only one crazy pilot that fell from the sky. Key for the day was to wait for conditions to improve.

Net damage teared wing tip:
Which was repaired by Mitch McAleer very well, color is slightly lighter, but this is it.
If you need to repair PG wing or harness I certainly recommend Mitch as he has 20 years experiences with Wills Wings as production engineer, he's also HG aerobatic champion.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Garlock 2012

Its tradition for Sylmar club to go to Garlock in spring when desert flying could be fun even for low experienced pilots. Day did not start well as Max's car broke just after intersection with highway 14, but we was able to squeeze into another 2 cars. I launched first around 12 and was scratching around for 15-20 minutes when conditions just start to improve. You have to remember that Garlock is west facing site, which means its start working late. Jonathan launched next and after another 15-20 min we got quite decent climb and start our journey toward Trona, our goal for the day. Big mistake, I have to wait another 30 minutes at least when conditions improved significantly. I made only 5 miles or so, Jonathan was more lucky and find low save and finally made goal with another 3 pilots.
Joe Greblo:

Friday, April 20, 2012

Kagel to Glendora

I landed almost at the same spot as last year and repeat my mistake again. Its essential to get as high as possible over Monrovia Peak before gliding over relatively low terrain eastbound. This time I try to push low as far as I can because I know there was quite a few good landings down wind, but generally speaking it was bad idea, punchy thermals, windy, no fun. I landed near Glendora Equestrian Park:
 Jonathan, Bud Rob and Seabass landed few miles east on San Dimas Golf Course, well HG has better glide, so no surprise, but they made basically the same mistake. Only Ron who take time to get high over Monrovia Peak was able to make Rancho Cucamonga.
My track log:

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Testing new harness

Hmm, which knot should I use? Bowline or maybe Figure Eight?

Yeah! Its working!