Saturday, April 21, 2012

Garlock 2012

Its tradition for Sylmar club to go to Garlock in spring when desert flying could be fun even for low experienced pilots. Day did not start well as Max's car broke just after intersection with highway 14, but we was able to squeeze into another 2 cars. I launched first around 12 and was scratching around for 15-20 minutes when conditions just start to improve. You have to remember that Garlock is west facing site, which means its start working late. Jonathan launched next and after another 15-20 min we got quite decent climb and start our journey toward Trona, our goal for the day. Big mistake, I have to wait another 30 minutes at least when conditions improved significantly. I made only 5 miles or so, Jonathan was more lucky and find low save and finally made goal with another 3 pilots.
Joe Greblo:

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