Friday, July 11, 2014

Pemberton, BC, Canada

We arrived to LZ around 10 and I got ride to lower launch right away, but got only a sled ride.
Pemberton lower launch
When we got to launch second time weather was on and few gliders were climbing well above us. There were about 10 pilots and we all climbed above mountain top with some pilots heading east and some NW along the range.
Flying NW from Pemberton
I planned to fly classic route to NW and back, which was easily accomplished. Views remind me of Utah, but with more dramatic and snowy peaks in the distance. Strong, big air thermals with easy predictable triggers.
Flying over the crest in Pemberton
Locals warned me about Whistler express, very strong wind from a neighbor valley and where to land if it occur, but it did not materialized. I had a few gliders flying with me all the time. Plenty of landing options in the valley, at least first 30 km, but further north hike outs could be epic. Great place to fly, next time I would try to stay there for a week or so.
Pemberton LZ

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