Friday, July 4, 2014

Bryce Canyon National Park

We visited Zion National Park several times, normally during April and try few times to come to Bryce as well, but it was too cold and there was still a lot of snow, so all our previous attempts failed. On another hand July was perfect time to visit, park elevation is around 8000 ft and temperature was tolerable. We picked the most popular Queens Garden & Navajo loop trail, 2.8 miles (4.6 km) with altitude gain only 560 ft (170 m), very easy compared to my normal hikes.
Queens Garden trail in Bryce Canyon
In the middle of the trail we noticed some interesting rock formations further east, so we added some XC section and explore more territory.
Going off the trail in Bryce Canyon
Because trail was super easy I did not bring GPS and, of course, get lost. Eventually we saw very helpful sign "You are leaving Bryce NP", turn around and found right way back to the main trail. My overall impression from the park was very good, I certainly recommend to visit if you did not been there before.
Clouds over Bryce Canyon
Rock formation in Bryce Canyon

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