Saturday, June 1, 2013

Out and return to Keller peak, 29 miles

Interesting day, pretty late start almost at 2:00 pm, strong wind at Marshall, took me few attempts to get off launch and then it feels too windy for XC, so I headed toward Cloud then over 750 took a good climb to 8K and there was almost no drift during the climb, which means that all wind down low was thermal induced. Flew toward Strawberry peak and high school, but surprisingly no thermals, so I have to bail out to 330 where I eventually get a next thermal back to 7K, which was enough to glide to Running Springs, get to 10K there and 12.8K over Keller peak. It was already 4:00 pm at that time and I was not confident I have enough time to join Owen over San Gorgonio (he climbed to 16K out there) and still make it back, so I turn around and glide back whole way to Marshall with nice tail wind.

My track log:

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