Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hike to Clouds Rest in Yosemite

Another Owens weekend is left behind. Friday night I camped in Alabama Hills and hoped for some flying at Saturday in particular from 9-Miles or Walt's point, but Saturday's morning forecast indicated some north wind, which is not good. Dave & Co. was flying from Bazooka ridge near Mono lake, but its 2 hours drive from Lone Pine and I was more interested in out and return from the Flynns. Hiked to Flynn's just by myself, it took me about 1.5 hours. Launched at 12:00, but probably too early, scratched in the bubbles for 15 minutes and landed next to my car. Oh well, not the best day of flying, but at least I went out there and try. You would never get a great flight sitting at home and finding excuses not to go. Since it was only 12:00 I decided to check out Clouds Rest peak in Yosemite, its 15 miles round trip with only 600 m (or so) elevation gain, pretty flat in my opinion. It took me 2:30 up and 2:15 down, 4:45 total time. View is indeed awesome, reminded me of Angles Landing in Zion, but on the larger scale. Here is few pictures:
Meadow near Tenaya Lake
Half Dome from the Clouds Rest
Looking south-east from Clouds Rest
Looking north-east from Clouds Rest. Tenaya Lake in the distance.

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