Monday, June 15, 2009

XC League meet in Dunlap

Adventure started at Friday when I was not allowed to camp in our usual camp site, next to launch, because of "reunion" private party there. So, I camp in forest. Saturday was excellent day for Cross Country flying with massive cloud development, good lift, but a little bit turbulent. Task was DNLNCH -> 49917 -> GRNY -> SAMPSO -> SQV508 (4 km) -> WOODLA. I had a good start, was a second until SAMPSO:

Small white dot under the cloud is Josh heading to 49917. At SAMPSO Timo catch up and we flew together until SQV508:

At Ruth hill he decide to stay with a thermal and drift back toward GRNY, but I push forward and continue south.

One glide from TUCKER I noticed Steve and waited for him, but he was very low and finally landed near Sand Creak rd. After TUCKER I also start getting low and there was no clouds in flats at that time. After low save near CURTIS I made my final glide to the next valley and landed. Maybe 15 minutes later nice clouds start to forming everywhere:

Only Josh made GOAL. Thanks to Jay for retrieve.

My GPS track:

At Sunday Josh was kind enough to wait for most of us, so we had small gaggle with easier flying for everybody. Task was challenging as usual: DNLNCH -> ORO117 (4 km) -> 63LZ -> SAMPSO -> RNGSTN. For me everything was good until TUCKER where I lost Josh and Timo and wait for good climb with Steve. I found one, but made same mistake and instead of waiting for few other pilots try to catch up with Josh and Timo, race to the ground and landed. Arnold and Steve also landed on the same field, Shad and Josh was able to get out from this hole, but only Josh made GOAL. Thanks to David for retrieve.

My GPS track:

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