Sunday, September 8, 2013

SoCal XC league at Pine mountain

I was suggesting Pine Mt. for North California XC league for years, but Jug was deaf. Flying is similar to Whaleback and driving time from San Francisco (5 hours) just half an hour longer compared to Whaleback (4:30 hours). Now with South California league most of the pilots live in San Diego, so driving time (4 hours) also an issue, but very good opportunity to join for local Santa Barbara pilots.
Task was to Frazier Mountain and back, I bombed out at Lockwood valley, but that allow enough time for glass off flight, which was remarkable. Climbed to 13.5K and with 25 km/h tail north wind made it to Ojai in no time. Now with 8K over Ojai making beach seemed possible, but lower I get stronger SW breeze become. Finally I have to bail out to highway 33 landing on the huge abandoned field in strong, but laminar breeze.


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