Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rim to river and back day hike in Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon from South Rim
There're multiple signs in the park that don't recommend to do this hike for a good reason. Its 18 miles (28 km) round trip with evlevation gain of 4600 ft (1400 m), which is not too bad, but day temperature of 115 in the bottom does not uncommon during the summer. To make it safely you have to start well before sunrise. We started at 3:00 am.
Bright Angel trail
Arrived to Colorado river by 6:00 am. Swim was wonderful in the cold water.
Colorado River
 Here is one the warning signs after Indian Garden.
Warning about Rim to the River and back day hiking
Way back was slightly slower (4 hours) because of the heat. Even though it's doable the best time for this hike is certainly not during the summber.

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